What is wireMagic?
wireMagic is a graphic-style collection for Adobe Illustrator (CS4+) that makes wireframing super-fast and easier than ever before. With wireMagic you simply create a simple box for each element in your wireframe layout - then just apply the appropriate graphic style with one click. Just like magic - your wireframes can be ready in an instant. Swapping elements is also as easy as just selecting another style, and when resizing you don't have to worry - all elements have smart scaling that won't get distorted.
To use go to the menu: Window > Graphic Style Libraries > Other Library... and navigate to the wireMagic file and open it. Now you will have the library loaded and ready to use. Just sketch out your layout using basic rectangle shapes, and then apply a graphic style to each one of them.
Who uses wireMagic?
wireMagic can be used by designers and UX experts for making wireframes for webdesign, mobile apps, and all kinds of differnet computer applications. Especially useful for having a consistent professional look to all wireframes, so even people working in large teams can focus on UX and user flows and not have visual inconsistencies interfere. wireMagic is blazing-fast, guaranteed to speed up your workflow by many folds.
How does it work?
Just draw rough boxes that define your basic grid layout, and then select what box you wish to style. You can select from over 140 elements:
  • Various devices - browsers, tablets, smartphones
  • Block elements - images, videos, titles, paragraphs
  • Various UI components - Buttons, sliders, scrollers, menus, dropdowns, forms
  • Complex modules - galleries, players, calendar, map
  • Various icons
What platforms and Illustrator versions are supported?
You can use wireMagic with Adobe Illustrator CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC2014 - CC2017.
Fully supports both Mac OSX and Windows OS.