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About wireMagic

wireMagic is a graphic-style collection for Illustrator that makes wireframing easier than ever before

When sketching out wireframes, it's best to use a constant visual language that won't interfere with understanding the content and functions described in them. Making these wireframes in Illustrator can be a real time consuming task.

This is not just another wireframing template. No need to copy/paste between files and tweak sizes. Works like magic!

wireMagic lets you simply create a simple box for each element in your wireframe - then just choose the appropriate graphic style. Just like magic - your wireframes can be ready in an instant, with just a few clicks. For even more control add labels, change sizes and colors.

wireMagic will help making your workflow faster and better than ever.

Blazing Fast Wireframing

Just draw a rough layout and start dressing up the shapes with our custom wireframing styles

Works on Basic Shapes

Make any basic shape into a complex wireframe module with one click

Smart Scaling

Resize any element to any proportion with no distortion - great for multiple responsive versions

Instant Styles Swapping

Change any module to any other with one click - great for multiple versions or pages

Easy Color Theming

Change the colors easily through swatches

More than 140 styles and growing

Numerous styles for all the modules you can think of - and growing